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Microneedling Treatment


Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. One of the main microneedling benefits is its ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, which is the key to new, youthful-looking skin. Skin will appear smoother, firmer and more toned. It is also the perfect treatment for those looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. It also reduces pore size.


The channels that the Micro-needles create in the skin help deliver the products past the superficial layer of skin, down in to the dermis to achieve optimum results.


During the treatment I will use Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin and growth factors, these combined with the micro-needle technique can create dramatic, lasting results. When applied topically, growth factors are one of the best active ingredients for total skin rejuvenation.


£200 per treatment or 3 for £400. 


  • 45 minute per treatment 

  • Recommended course of 3 minimum

  • One treatment 4-6 weeks apart